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Grice’s Maxims
Last modified on May 16, 2022

Maxim of Quantity

Be as informative as possible, but only as informative as needed.

Maxim of Quality

Be truthful / evidence-based.

Maxim of Relation

Be relevant.

Maxim of Manner

Be clear, concise, and orderly.




Herbert Paul Grice, “Grice’s Maxims.” (accessed May 17, 2022).

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how to ask good questions (how to ask good questions)

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way - Eric Steven Raymond
I see some Gricean Maxims at work here. Be relevant, have the context, be concise. I also see some Utilitarianism, in that hackers want public forums to increase the flow of useful information and make it more efficient.

But more than that…how do you ask questions that strike at the heart of the matter, and reveal something new and profound to you?