ketan agrawal

Last modified on December 26, 2023

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a consistent worldview

drawing from: systems thinking / cybernetics, atomic habits, cognitive behavioral therapy, buddhism, taoism, design thinking, etc.

being loosey-goosey for now, but i intend to try and more rigorously connect these things.

  • trusting the ‘process’ / ‘system’ >>> outcomes. equanimity in the face of sometimes-fickle external outcomes is a really great quality to have.
  • tight feedback loops w/ habit tracking are good — getting awareness into what’s happening and why
  • what you do is who you become // by just doing things, we can change our sense of identity
  • ‘you’ are more of a process than a static things // change is a process, not an outcome; life is more about the journey than the destination // becoming over material having
  • designing your environment is crucial to habits— bad / same-old environment triggers bad habits, while a well-designed environment can naturally promote good ones
  • it’s easy to make progress on things that are clear. that makes them attractive. harder to make progress on things that are nebulous, not visually apparent to me, etc.


  • habit (making things unconscious) is good for us b/c having to consciously decide every little detail would fry our brains. meditation (making things conscious) is good for us b/c suffering happens when we don’t show up to our lives.

Designing Freedom

very influential book by cyberneticist Stafford Beer