ketan agrawal

Last modified on May 07, 2022

cc: Everything happens in a certain context

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musings (Computation in brains must be deeply context-aware.)

what makes a subject “interesting” to a given person? (what makes a subject “interesting” to a given person?)

Why are some people so fascinated by video games, but it doesn’t even ring a bell for others? Why do some people love the taste of pineapple on on pizza, and others hate it? What makes us like something? And how does our “taste” evolve over time – how should it evolve over time?

Proto-answer: it depends how rich of a context the person in question has for that particular subject. Once you’ve built up a “history” with a particular thing, it starts to have a lot of context build up, and it naturally becomes more interesting to you.

Proto-answer 2: It depends on the frame you approach it with. I feel like every food that I don’t like (provided that a good amount of other people like it,) I just haven’t found the right frame with which to approach it yet.